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breast cancer treatment with herbal

1.Kongress International in New Delhi, Black Seed oil introduced cancer scientists Immonobiologi Laboratory dai Southern California, Black Seed stimulates bone marrow and immune cells, inferonnya produce normal cells that destroy viruses while destroying the tumor cells and enhance antibody

Black cumin can increase the amount of a T cell, which is good to increase natural killer cells. Effectiveness up to 72% when compared with placebo only 7%. Thus mengkonsumsikan black Jintan can boost immunity and as bioregulator. Thus black Cumin can be used as an antidote to the disease that attacks the immune system such as cancer and AIDS.

The study of black seed's potential anti-tumor principles by the Amala Research Center in Amala Nagar, Kerala (India) in 1991 refers to the opinion of Dr. Chakravarty to use black seed in the treatment of cancer. Using fatty acid derivan black seed, studies with Swiss albino mice showed that this active principle inhibit the development of cancerous cells called Ehrlich ascites carcinoma (EAC). Common cancer cell types that both, were also used Dalton's lymphoma ascites (DLA). Rats that received the EAC cells and black seed remained normal without any tumor, suggesting that the active principle was 100% effective in preventing EAC tumor development. Results in mice who received DLA cells and black seed showed that the active principle had inhibited tumor development by 50% better than mice not given the active principle. The study concluded, It is evident that the active principle isolated from nigella sativa seeds is a potent anti-tumor, and the constituent long chain fatty acid may be the main active component

Ibn Sina in his book states that black cumin can be used to increase metabolism and improve morale. Black cumin is also known as BRM (Biological Response Modifier) because in the west there are studies showing that extracts from the seeds are toxic to cancer cells. This research was conducted on rats. The study also showed that cancer cells were given extracts of black cumin preformance in the incubator can not generate factors for growth (fibroblast growth factor) and protein berkolagen needed for tumor growth ..

2. Lingzhi Mushroom

Prof. Feng-Lin Hsu, Ph.D, Professor and Director of the Graduate Institute of Pharmacognosy Science, Taipei Medical University, Department of Science and Technology Farmakognosi, Japan revealed:
results of medical research about lingzhi mention that the fungus is able to inhibit breast cancer cells, supports heart function, optimize and regulate the immune system and other functions such as lowering blood sugar, cholesterol levels, prevents coughs and insomnia. Not surprisingly, these remarkable properties make Nu Skin Enterprises to bring innovative products of lingzhi supplements.

According to Chinese Herbal Medicine book, written in 56 BC, wood fungus is listed as the number one drug ingredient than 365 other ingredients, including ginseng.
Lingzhi into the category of "superior" because it can cure various diseases, able to maintain and restore the balance of the body, and safe for consumption in the long term without side effects. Lingzhi is also a basic ingredient drugs drugs associated with healing kankker

3. White turmeric

White turmeric rhizome could inhibit cancer cell growth rate and prevent damage to the genes that became one of penyembab cancer. This is because rimpangnya contain riboisme in activating the protein, ie, toxic proteins and curcumin, compounds that inhibit this protein the rate of cancer cells.

Oxford University also conduct research that efficacious white turmeric inhibits cancer cell growth rate and prevent damage to the genes that became one of the causes of cancer. Treatment effects are indirect and require a long time because they have to wait for the cancer cells die alone. Not surprisingly, patients also need patience to get results.

Based on research of traditional medicine supervision notes Directorate Directorate General of POM, the research on turmeric and white or white turmeric has been performed in China since 1988. Known to contain lots of white turmeric volatile oil consisting of curdione and curcumol, has antioxidant properties that can withstand oxygen free radicals penyembab incidence of cancerous cells, antiinflammatory and can increase the red blood cells.

White turmeric is also useful to cure cancer & tumors. From the research, Minyi Chan et al in his book Anti-Cancer Medical Herbs, apparently Curcuma Zedoaria have a higher effectiveness to treat cancer and tumors. According to the American Institute of Cancer Research Report (New York Time) June 1, 1999 and also by experts or the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and PPOT PAU UGM Yogyakarta in this white turmeric contains:

1. RIP (ribosome inacting protein) function:

a. Being able to switch off cancer cell growth.
b. Capable of eroding the cancer cells without damaging surrounding tissue.
c. Blocking the growth of cancer cells.

4. Honey and Olive Oil

Prof. Dr. dr. H. Dadang Hawari said, "Various studies on the efficacy of honey have been published by scientists in several international medical journals." Prof. Dr. 'Aisha Girindra, Chairman of the Board Development LPPOM MUI declared, "It was indeed special honey. Almost all diseases can be sembuhkannya (treated with honey). "

Olive Oil (Olive Oil). To cope with cancer. "Because it implies that aromatic, olive oil is an effective antioxidant proven to reduce cancer rates and improve endurance." (Dr. Smith, author of Healing Oil of the Bible). Polyphenols in Olive Oil is a powerful antioxidant that can prevent disease


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