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Medicinal Plants: Benefits / Benefits Coriander (Coriandrum sativum L)

Common Name: Coriander
Scientific Name: Coriandrum sativum L.
Familia: Asteraceae (Umbeliferae)
Local Name: Keutumba (Aceh), Ketumeur, Ketumber (Gayo), Hatumbar (Toba Batak), Katumba (Minangkabau), Katuncar, Tuncar (Sunda), Kathombar (Madura), Coriander, Tumbar (Java), Katumbali (Gorontalo), Katumbara (macassar), Katumbah (Bali), Katumba (Bima)

Plant Morphology

Coriander can grow lush gardens cultivated in the lowlands and mountains. The leaves are similar to celery, the plant about one meter high.
The leaves are green with serrated edges. Flower-shaped compound tiered white umbrella and pink.

Shape of a nearly round yellow compound, when ripe, fallen fruit easily. After that, dried.

Forms of herbs are small granules resembling pepper. But size is smaller. The aroma is typical sting, easily distinguished by black pepper. There's no sort overlook housewives coriander from other herbs.

Uses Coriander

Recognized coriander is more often used as a spice in various types of cuisine in Indonesia, but there are some health problems can be overcome by cilantro.
The leaves are compound, such as celery, often sliced thinly and used as a topping on dishes such as soups and salads typical of Thailand. In that country, Phak Chee Cilantro is named. Same with the seeds, coriander leaves too sharply flavored.

The benefits of this plant has been much felt in various countries. Coriander is usually used in facilitating the digestive, laxative fart (carminative), peluruh ASI (lactago), and appetite enhancer (stomachica).
Chemical Ingredients:

Of all the plants that is converted into essential oils of sabinene, myrcene, a-terpinene, ocimene, linalool, geraniol, dekanal, desilaldehide, trantridecen, petroselinat acid, oktadasenat acid, d-mannite, scopoletin, p-cymene, kamfena, and felandren .


As the drugs listed in the encyclopedia of Java 'Fiber Centhini' and 'Tembangraras'.
Coriander is also useful to relieve headache, vomiting, influenza, hemorrhoids, stomach ulcers and inflammation of the breast, measles, colds, high blood pressure, and impotence.
The use of coriander can be done in various ways finely ground and boiled, either for treatment outside, nor inside.

As drugs are usually smoothed out first and then made the dough with water and mixed with other ingredients. Then the dough is placed on the sick.

For abdominal bloating (plus katuk, red onion, and betel nut),

For headache (plus seed Piang, betel leaf, bangle, and boyfriend Java),

For treatment of high blood pressure (plus celery),

For influenza (plus ginger, garlic leaves, and honey), cough (plus cinnamon, cat whiskers, and palm sugar),

For the period did not come, use the ingredients as follows, 10 coriander seeds, 1 finger turmeric, 1 nutmeg, 10 grains of black cumin, 3 cloves buds, 20 leaves srigading. All solid material softened, boiled with 2 cups water to be 1 cup. After chilling filtered, the result while drunk. Do this 2 times a day for a week.

To overcome cough, coriander, ginger, and pear on the team, and then eaten

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